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The support of parents and families plays an integral role in their student’s experience at UCR. The Parents Association is an opportunity for parents to engage with the campus and stay connected with their student. All parents and families of current students are invited to participate.


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The UCR Parents Association values parent participation. There are multiple opportunities for parents and families to get involved. 


Bañales Family

The Bañales family never imagined that 4 of their children would follow their father's lead and attend UCR. The university was a second home to their sons, Alexandre, André, and Gérard. Their mother, Catarina, is proud that her boys have become productive and passionate individuals. She and her husband are thankful for the university and its focus on student success. Their youngest son Sébastien is a sophomore and they look forward to him graduating in June 2022.

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When you give to UCR you support academic excellence, research, and your student’s journey at UCR.

“As parents, we are very proud of the accomplishments of our UCR student, having graduated from this fine and wonderful research university. UCR is a place for exploration, acceptance, and guidance; this is the same passion my wife and I strive to share with our children. If this is your wish for your child, you’ve come to the right place.”



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The American Institute of Physics Journal, Chaos chose electrical and computer engineering assistant research professor Hossein Taheri’s paper as the Editor’s Pick. His publication “Synchronization behavior in a ternary phase model” was cited as a source for the “Nonlinear dynamics used to examine the ternary model of laser phase mode locking” in the June 2019 issue.
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The Center for Ideas and Society celebrates 30 years of bridging interdisciplinary gaps with Oct. 29 anniversary event
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