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Volunteering gives parents and families the opportunity to connect with our Highlander families, the campus, and the community. You can express your interest in volunteering by contacting us at ucrparents@ucr.edu or fill out the Parent Interest form. Learn more about Volunteer opportunities for parents. 

Calderón Family

Fanny Calderón, an English professor at Peru’s ESAN University, understands the importance of a college education and parent involvement. She has supported her daughter, Stephanie, from touring the campus to senior year. Stephanie has grown academically and personally as a global citizen, advocating for mental health through the Active Minds program and as an award-winning peer in International Student Programs. Fanny appreciates UCR’s welcoming atmosphere and parent programs. Fanny appreciates UCR’s welcoming atmosphere and parent programs, and she gives back by speaking at English and Spanish parent events.

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When you give to UCR you support academic excellence, research, and your student’s journey at UCR.

“As parents, we are very proud of the accomplishments of our UCR student, having graduated from this fine and wonderful research university. UCR is a place for exploration, acceptance, and guidance; this is the same passion my wife and I strive to share with our children. If this is your wish for your child, you’ve come to the right place.”


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deep sea medusa
Sleeping giant could end deep ocean life 
A previously overlooked factor — the position of continents — helps fill Earth’s oceans with life-supporting oxygen. Continental movement could ultimately have the opposite effect, killing most deep ocean creatures. 
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 “Academic Outsider: Stories of Exclusion and Hope” cover.
Personal stories on sexual abuse, self-worth, and academia 
Associate Professor Victoria Reyes published her new book, “Academic Outsider: Stories of Exclusion and Hope.” 
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UC Riverside and UC Davis have formed an innovative partnership, dubbed the UC Degree Completion Program, developed by the University of California Reengagement Consortium, or UCRC, a four-campus collective that also includes UC Santa Barbara and UC Merced. (UCR/Stan Lim)
UC Riverside and UC Davis help create program targeted for students who didn’t finish college
More than $4.85 million in state funds will allow these campuses to reengage with former UC students and California residents with some college and no degree attainment.
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John Fischer, tunnel of light
Would you get bored of eternal life?
John Martin Fischer’s videotaped lectures on near-death experiences and immortality have garnered the most views of any content on UCR’s YouTube site.
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