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Anne Durst-Lowe and Linda Macleod

Their students both graduated from the same high school, but they only developed a closer friendship once they became part of the UCR family. Both Linda and Anne enjoy attending parent meetings and UCR sporting events together, and they volunteer with the Parents Association throughout the year. These volunteer events have not only helped them earn points that put them on the reserved seating list for Commencement, Linda and Anne have also used these opportunities to give back to the University, socialize with other families, and calm the nerves of new UCR parents. 

Through their friendship and their connection to the University, Anne and Linda have been able to support their students in reaching their goals. Linda’s son, Charles, is a Chancellor’s Scholar who will graduate this coming spring with a bachelor’s in Mechanical Engineering. Charles hopes to attend UCR as a graduate student in fall, 2018. Anne’s daughter, Lydia, who is also a Chancellor’s Scholar, will graduate in spring of 2018 with a bachelor’s in Public Health Policy. Lydia has been sharing her talent and enthusiasm for UCR as a trombonist in UCR’s Pep Band and as a peer mentor in the CARE program.

Take a moment to speak with other parents like Anne and Linda at the UCR Parents Association meetings this year. You may just make a new friend for life!

 UCR Parents Association Meetings 2018

February 10, 2018

May 19, 2018


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